Empires Not Vampires Entertainment Ltd. is an experienced mobile games development company founded in Finland in 2017. Team members have worked together for many years developing and publishing Free To Play mobile games reaching the top 10 download charts as well as collaborating with some of the biggest games studios on the planet including Fingersoft, Amanotes and Nitro Games.

Paradise Tycoon: Our Move to Blockchain Gaming

In 2021, we pivoted to blockchain technology and brought the same level of excellence to the web3 gaming space with our game, Paradise Tycoon. Our seed round funding in 2022 was led by Shima Capital, supported by notable venture capital funds, and exceptional angel investors who provide valuable insights and guidance.

Building Games for the Players

We build our games with our audience in mind. In order to succeed, games must be fun, engaging, and endearing for players. We believe in the mass adoption of web3 games and are excited to continue working towards millions of users with our passionate, experienced, and skilled team.

Data-Driven Game Design for Lasting Success

We take luck out of the equation when designing games. Our development process is guided by an extensive amount of data from the start, allowing our creative minds to make the best decisions for an enjoyable user experience.

Battle-Tested Team of Gaming Industry Veterans

We pride ourselves on having an experienced and creative team of gaming industry veterans. Each member of our team has a unique set of skills and experiences, allowing us to approach game development from a variety of perspectives. This diversity leads to a more well-rounded and successful development process.

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